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A new sketch for you all! I absolutely adore the design for the B/G god Pharika, the God of Affliction (and yet to be previewed!). She’s the Greek-inspired god of potions, healing, and poison, and represents the duality of toxicity and cleansing. 

In terms of etymology, “Pharika” comes from the Greek "pharmakon,” which is taken to mean both “poison” and “medicine”, and is the patron god of Gorgons (because there’s more than just the one in Greek myth, guys! »;) 

Glad I sketched her this morning, my brain is zapped from an insane day. Check in for more fan art at my Deviantart or on my Portfolio

MELETIS, Polis of Philosophers

Ephara’s Enlightenment by Wesley Burt
Omenspeaker by Dallas Williams
Chosen by Heliod by Zach Stella
Battlewise Hoplite by Willian Murai
Ephara, God of the Polis by Eric Deschamps
Gods Willing by Mark Winters
Traveling Philosopher by James Ryman
Whelming Wave by Slawomir Maniak
Daxos of Meletis by Karla Ortiz 
Temple of Enlightenment by Svetlin Velinov

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